pondělí 24. března 2014

Tomb Raider 2014 photoshoot - first part

I´m glad to present you the first five photos of my TR 2014 photoshoot!
Unlike the old one there´s pretty much small, but important improvements. I added wig, improved my make-up, wore different shoes and better bra without straps :3

It was lot of fun. One of the true spring days so the sun was shining all day long and after a while it was also quite comfortable being without jacket :)

I love this place. It´s an old limestone quarry and because of that at the end of posing my body was all covered up in white kind of mud. Even the shoes .. which is bit unhappy, because I liked them covered in real mud, it looked better :)

Also this time we did a bit special kind of shooting. I was bored of posing all day long, so we tried a few action sequences. That´s why I hold the gun like that in the third picture. Sorry about that :)

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