středa 26. března 2014

Tripitaka (Enslaved) - Dragonfly WIP

Today I´m going to show you how I made Trip´s dragonfly.

Right from the beginning I wanted it to be really functional. So I had to buy the smallest flashlight in my life :)
So I bought this small red flashlight which turns on while you turn the upper part a bit. So it´s really cool .. you don´t need to make a special place for a button. And it´s also really lightweight .. :)

You can see the red flashlight in the pic above, standing on wires .. poor dragonfly :D

The best kitty in the world! Yoona the Guardian !

And there are some progress pics .. I made a pattern for wings and add a wire into them to make them moveable. Make the body of dragonfly from worbla and repeated the wire-thing with dragonfly´s tail.

The tail is made from three different parts and you can move it to different angles.

At the end I added a few layers of gesso paint, sprayed the whole body with bronze acrylic spray paint, painted whole body with acrylics. And there´s a "small" clip on side of the body so I can attach it into hairband and hair. Unfornately it is not enough so I have to use another pin to make it stay on place ><"

But in the end I really like the result. What do you think? :)

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