sobota 10. května 2014

Animefest 2014 - Cosplay debut competition - Aela the Huntress

As you probably already know .. I had a horrible idea few days ago and decided to participate the Animefest cosplay competition. There were two versions - cosplay debut for cosplay beginners also the rules weren´t so hard and the cosplay competition whose winner goes to Eurocosplay competition!

I finished .. well, not really finished .. my side chainmails are missing, also the top roundy things attached to my sleeves and I bought those shoes the day before competition.

Well .. at least I tried. There was one minute limit fot each contestant to show some presentation of their cosplay (dance, sing, whatever ..). I chose battling of course!

I was so nervous behind the scene. It was my first time showing my cosplay at competition. I wondered what it feels like .. and now I know! It´s terrible and stressfull :D

But when the actual one minute show of mine begun .. all the stress was gone. I felt super powerfull that I attacked my friend surprisingly agressively. Ooops ..

But I feel like people liked it even though it wasn´t perfect. And that´s all I wanted to know! That I´m capable of presenting myself on a stage without a shame.

More pics sooon .. wish me luck for tomorrow´s results!

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