neděle 4. května 2014

Finishing Aela´s costume

Just a few days left till the competition!

I´ve spent a lot of time just figuring out how to attach those pauldrons to her dress. Because in normal life this just couldn´t work at all :D

I decided to make my bracers out of more comfortable material than worbla is. Worbla is so rough that my forearm always hurts and bracer doesn´t stay in its place. This one is made of 0,5 mm craft foam, covered with fake leather (the same I used for my dress). But I´m satisfied with the result.

I also ordered something special .. 

.. my personal dagger, or small sword, don´t really know what it´s called like. It´s used, has a few glitches and originally purposed for LARPing.

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