pátek 24. února 2012

Facepalm of the day

I´m about to create a new category, facepalm of the day. Every single day I´m really surprised what people can possibly do.

I work at tea house. Which includes preparing tea, sahlab, water pipes and so on. I really don´t know what people are expecting but smoking a water pipe is not that easy as it seems. They can destroy whole experience in a few seconds. All what they do then is lay the blame on us.
It´s really not fair! 

If they have a problem while smoking it, why don´t they just ask us, where´s the problem? They would rather complain about it all the f*cking time. We are there the ones who are responsible for the quality! But how can we solve problems when we don´t know about them?

There are the most frequent problems while smoking shisha:

  • If you are smoking too heavy, coal becomes too burning and so does the tobaco inside. It can simply turn the tobaco into burnt something. Not very good idea if you wanna smoke it for longer than 10 minutes (one water pipe can last for about 45 minutes and longer!)
  • It is also important to turn the coal frequently and also change its place. 
  • Smoke frequently, it´s not good to leave burning coal there without smoking. It may also destroy the tobaco there. 
I finally calmed down while writing this .. ^^

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