čtvrtek 16. února 2012

Protesting against ACTA

It was really cold saturday but I didn´t want to spend whole day sitting at home, playing games or watching serials. I have never went to protest before. It was for the first time.

I was quite disappointed. There was just about 300 people in lonely square even though in FB event about 1000 people said they would come.
I didn´t like a few things there

  1. ORGs let speak everyone. Big mistake. Every event has its idiots who just want to be seen -_-
  2. Some signs were just .. weird. For example, the guy on photo up there is holding "Don´t confiscate my porn"
  3. Saturday in this cold weather means that nobody is outside. So it looked more like we were protesting for us.
  4. Going through lonely streets looked so silly.
So that´s my opinion. Hope that protests in other cities were better and more useful.
* * *
And what about your opinion about ACTA?

1 komentář:

  1. I think it's great that people are protesting for their rights. Keep up the good work and don't go around thinking what you do is silly, cause it's not!
    I think it's a real good thing what you do! :D