úterý 14. února 2012


What is the best thing you can do around midnight?
You´re right! Not sleeping, or drinking at party but playing multiplayer games!
* * *
* * *
This is Lilith, my favorite and also the only female character in game (so sad -_-)
She´s the true bad ass girl. But I still don´t get it, how can she survive in a group of three muscular men?
Ok, nevermind .. 

After so many hours spent by playing Diablo 2 we needed something new. It was also because of big skill differences of our characters. Even though we tried to make it more playable by recreating characters in Shadow Master. I was still the weakest Assasin. Couldn´t survive without my faithful parnter, Shadow, no longer than a few minutes. I felt more like a collector, than true warrior. Let my friends go in front of me. Spent the whole dungeon by opening chests and collecting items. 
So embarrassing ><

Borderlands seemed like a good option. And it surely was. I really admired its graphics. Combination of drawing and PC graphic looks so good together. I have never played a game like this before.
What is the best of this game for me?

Surely the system of character dying. When your life points drop to zero, the character you are playing falls to the floor and appears really funny sign -" Fight for your life" Then you have just last chance to kill your enemy. If you don´t you have to go throught the lightning tunnel :D

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