čtvrtek 20. března 2014

Sylvari Cosplay - basic information

This costume was made in 2012. Once I got an e-mail from Comgad company. They wanted to make me a costume based on upcoming game Guild Wars 2 for presentation in July. At first I was really happy but suddenly I have realized that it might have been a bit tough work.

But I agreed and the work started soon :)

I don´t really have much photos of progress, but you can see some of them above. Pretty shitty, right? :D
I know, I was a beginner cosplayer, everything was new for me. I used mostly craft foam, bended it, ornaments made with glue gun and finished with acrylics.

Every piece is designed by me. I had to make it by myself due to lack of information about characters.
I also would like to thank to Jana H. who sewed the skirt for me. Nowadays I´m pretty good at sewing, but not two years before.


I would like to thank for those photographs to my dear friend, Dan and also to Luboš, who helped me with posing and faces :) I was really afraid but they went out pretty good.

If you want to see all of them, go check this album Sylvari photoshoot.

I wore it in July for the midnight sale. It´s not really comfortable for conventions because of the green paint. Yep, it is not photoshopped, I wore a green bodypaint all over my body in freakin´ hot summer.
Really crazy :)

I am glad for this opportunity. It learned me a lot about costume making, posing, not being nervous about everything .. loots of stuff. Thanks to this experience I am able to do better photos and lot better costumes using professional stuff.

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