čtvrtek 10. dubna 2014

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Reborn cosplay information

Lara Croft is my huuuge passion since I was a child. I played several games from TR edition but the concept of TR Reborn just blew my mind away. She was like a completely different person .. not so determined, fearless or strong. Just a little girl whose destiny is supposed to be waaaay harder.

And I fell in love with her. So I started to plan out the photoshoot. Location, weapons, outfit .. and .. how should I make it bit special? Cause there´s so many Lara´s cosplay photos around the Internet. So I took my friend who happens to look exactly like Sam without any make-up or special hair cut - it´s jus crazy, right? :D

I would like to thank her once again,also to my photographer, my loyal friend and all those guys who lend us weapons. 

I had bad shoes and no wig there. These pics were done in spring 2013 in location called Stránská Skála. 

If you´re interested in more photos, chcek out photographer´s page here: More photos

I also wore this outfit at Advík 2013 festival where I also judged the cosplay competition. I changed my shoes and wig for this upgraded outfit :)

I found some pics of my outfit ..

I would add some pics from the newest photoshoot asap :)

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